HydraBright+ Gel Cream 50ml

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HydraBright+ Gel Cream 50ml
HydraBright+ Gel Cream 50ml
This light textured gel cream:
+ Balances skin’s superficial hydration levels by attracting
and sealing in moisture throughout the day.
+ Intensively replenishes the skin’s Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF)
to retain lasting moisture.
+ Re-awakens skin’s natural radiance and promotes a youthful skin.


+ Creates clear, radiant, glass-like skin.
+ High-performance natural active ingredients; bio-technologically derived from plants and fruits
+ Promotes healthy skin functions by optimizing skin hydration.
+ Gentle, safe and non-invasive. Lightens and brightens the skin naturally.
+ Immediately re-hydrates the skin and smoothens out fine lines.
+ Promotes skin’s natural moisturising capabilities at the deeper layers for long lasting hydration.
+ Prevents pre-mature aging by protecting the skin with anti-oxidants and optimizing skin moisture
+ Soothing actives calm and protect against damaging effects of sun exposure and environmental stress. Prolonging your skin’s healthy and youthful function


    To be applied after cleansing, toning and the HydraBright+ Serum.  Thoroughly massage a small amount into skin. Apply more as needed for an extra dose of hydration depending on your skin’s needs.

    Apply twice daily, morning and night, to the face and neck.
    IMPORTANT :  For daytime,  apply a sun care protection after moisturizing.
            HydraBright+ Gel Cream 50ml
            HydraBright+ Gel Cream 50ml