HydraBright+ Serum 30ml

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HydraBright+ Serum 30ml
HydraBright+ Serum 30ml

This fast absorbing and intensely hydrating serum:
+ Infuses and locks-in moisture
+ Boosts skin’s natural radiance and promotes a youthful skin


+ Creates clear, radiant, glass-like skin.
+ High-performance natural active ingredients; bio-technologically derived from plants and fruits 
+ Promotes healthy skin functions by optimizing skin hydration.
+ Gentle, safe and non-invasive. Lightens and brightens the skin naturally.
+ Immediately re-hydrates the skin and smoothens out fine lines.
+ Promotes skin’s natural moisturising capabilities at the deeper layers for long lasting hydration.
+ Prevents pre-mature aging by protecting the skin with anti-oxidants and optimizing skin moisture
+ Soothing actives calm and protect against damaging effects of sun exposure and environmental stress. Prolonging your skin’s healthy and youthful function


Place 3-4 drops of Hydrabright+ Serum with clean fingertips onto clean skin.

For best results, use with Hydrabright+ GelCream or your existing moisturiser.

HydraBright+ Serum 30ml
HydraBright+ Serum 30ml